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One of Indonesia’s most prized and highly acclaimed coffee origins, Toraja is renowned for its coffee beans that yield a strong, full-bodied brew with notes of caramel. This notable coffee from the highlands of Tana Toraja are located in the mountainous regions of Central Sulawesi. 
A lesser known fact is that Japanese traders stumbled upon the Toraja estates in the 1990s, and they immediately fell in love with the coffee. Japan remains a major importer of Toraja coffee to this day. 

Aroma : Medium caramel 
Flavor : Strong, bold Hints of caramel 
Acidity : Low 
Body : Full buttery 
Aftertaste : Long lasting 


While typical coffees may be named after the regions in which they are grown, these specially sourced beans are named after the Mandailing tribe of Northern Sumatra, who have traditionally cultivated and processed this valuable commodity since the 19th century. 
Mandheling coffee is world-renowned for its unique “giling basah” (wet hulling) technique, which is then sun-dried for optimal flavor development. The end result delivers a smooth, chocolate-laden flavor profile with subdued acidity. 

Aroma : Mild rich chocolaty 
Flavor : Medium, Dark Chocolaty 
Acidity : Low 
Body : Full smooth 
Aftertaste : Long lasting


Papuan coffee beans were originally imported to the Dutch Indies in the early 1900’s, with varietals stemming from Jamaica’s world-renowned Blue Mountain coffee. Hence, some Papuan coffees share a similarly smooth yet robust, chocolatey taste to that of Blue Mountain coffees.
Papuan coffee remains rare and highly valued due to limited supply caused by occasional tribal wars and its cultivation in remote areas near the Jayawijaya mountain range.

Aroma : Medium, Robust Choco Malt
Flavor : Strong, Cedar
Acidity : Low, Smooth
Body : Full Syrupy
Aftertaste : Long lasting, Rounded

Aceh Gayo

Our specialty beans are sourced from the Gayo Plateau, in the mountainous region of Central Aceh, in Northern Sumatra. Delight in this aromatic floral coffee that delivers a bright, complex flavor and medium-bodied mouthfeel.

Coffee growing and harvesting has become something of a cultural tradition in many parts of Indonesia. This is especially true for the people of Central Aceh, who developed this agricultural craft during Dutch colonization in the early 1800s. Much of coffee growing practices in Aceh are organic, including the use of organic fertilizers for crops.

Aroma : Medium, Floral bouquete
Flavor : Strong, Complex pallete
Acidity : Medium, Balanced
Body : Medium
Aftertaste : Medium

Java Gold

JJ Royal Java Gold Coffee is a selectable blend of premium Java Estate Arabica and specially selected highland Robusta coffee. This exquisite selection of beans unearths a delightfully rich, strong, and surprisingly fruity aroma along with a harmonious balance of smooth and mellow flavor. Relish the clean, rounded aftertaste that leaps beyond the range of a single origin coffee.

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Size200 Gram
Origin CollectionMandheling Arabica, Toraja Arabica, Aceh Gayo Arabica, Papua Arabica, Blend Coffee
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